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Our Security Operations Center (SOC) serves as a combined physical and virtual facility, where a team of security experts diligently observes and evaluates an organization's information systems and infrastructure, with the objective of identifying, examining, and addressing security incidents. Common SOC services encompass:
  • The ongoing surveillance of network and system operations to identify indicators of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • The synthesis of threat intelligence from various sources to recognize potential security incidents.
  • Compliance with security regulations and adherence to industry standards, with associated reporting.
  • The continual enhancement of the organization's security stance, achieved through regular testing, analysis, and reporting
  • Thorough analysis and inquiry into security alerts and incidents.
  • Managing and responding to incidents, including coordinating resolutions with other teams and organizations.
  • 24/7 vigilance and support, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring.


9tek offers a dedicated SOC team and services tailored to meet the specific requirements, ensuring round-the-clock, year-round coverage.


This package comprises remote operations and support for the security operations center, establishing a secure and virtualized environment.


In this context, SOC services will be administered using a hybrid model, wherein client log sources will be seamlessly integrated with the SIEM system owned by the service provider (SP)