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As processes become more intricate and data volumes grow, organizations require streamlined document storage and collaboration solutions. At 9TEK, we specialize in leveraging SharePoint to enhance workflows and foster collaboration, empowering our clients to prioritize innovation and fuel growth.

Boost productivity and teamwork with our SharePoint solutions.

Consulting Services for SharePoint

We offer comprehensive consulting services tailored for both newcomers to SharePoint and established organizations looking to enhance their SharePoint platforms. Leveraging our deep industry expertise and certified SharePoint specialists, we take a holistic approach to every project. Our solutions prioritize performance, usability, security, and ROI.

Development Services for SharePoint

We specialize in crafting SharePoint solutions and applications, encompassing features like workflows, site templates, custom field types, and beyond. Our SharePoint development services guarantee a robust architecture, distinctive branding, intelligent add-ins, seamless integration, and ongoing maintenance.

Migration Services for SharePoint

At 9TEK, we specialize in migrating third-party solutions to SharePoint and upgrading existing SharePoint solutions to newer versions or the cloud. This approach streamlines your digital ecosystem, boosting productivity and lowering costs.

Tailored SharePoint Portals and Intranet Solutions

We specialize in designing and implementing SharePoint portals and intranets to foster seamless collaboration across your organization, keeping employees informed and engaged. Our team customizes the product architecture to align with your business operations and culture, offering comprehensive toolkits that optimize workflow and adhere to top cybersecurity protocols. Additionally, we prioritize UI/UX development to enhance user experience.