Microsoft offers legal protection for users with AI copyright infringements

Microsoft offers legal protection

Paid users get full protection under Microsoft’s new policy.

  1. Legal Peace of Mind for Copilot Users

Microsoft’s latest AI assistant, Copilot, brings a welcomed solution to the legal complexities surrounding AI-generated work. In a groundbreaking policy update, Microsoft extends robust copyright protections to Copilot users, significantly reducing their concerns.


  1. Clear Copyright Assurances

Microsoft addresses the key concern of users: whether they can utilize Copilot services and the outcomes they produce without being entangled in copyright disputes. The company provides a definitive response: yes, you can. Furthermore, Microsoft commits to assuming responsibility for potential legal risks associated with copyright challenges.


  1. Microsoft’s Legal Safeguard

In the event of a third party initiating a copyright infringement lawsuit against a commercial Copilot user or the content generated through Copilot, Microsoft takes a firm stance. The company pledges to defend the customer vigorously and cover any financial judgments or settlements resulting from the lawsuit. This protection applies as long as the customer adheres to Microsoft’s built-in guardrails and content filters.


  1. Extending Copyright Coverage


Microsoft’s Copilot Copyright Commitment significantly expands the scope of Microsoft’s existing IP indemnification coverage. It now encompasses outputs generated not only by Copilot but also by other AI chatbots and AI-powered assistants. This comprehensive policy applies exclusively to paid users operating within Microsoft’s content filters and in-house safety systems.


  1. A Customer-Centric Approach

Microsoft underscores its commitment to its commercial customers. By charging for Copilot services, the company acknowledges its responsibility to address any legal issues arising from the use of their product. Microsoft shifts the burden of legal challenges away from its customers, making it their prerogative to handle such matters.


  1. Building on Prior Commitments

This initiative builds upon Microsoft’s broader framework, including the AI Customer Commitments and AI Assurance Program. These initiatives are designed to empower customers to responsibly employ and deploy AI applications, not only Copilot but also offerings like Bing Chat Enterprise. Microsoft’s commitment to supporting its customers in navigating potential legal challenges reflects its dedication to delivering a reliable and user-focused experience in the world of AI.