X / Twitter launches video and audio calls — here’s how to use ‘em

Twitter launches video

If you pay $8 per month, you can now call people on Elon Musk’s platform.

In a recent development, X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature that might change the way users interact online. Ever found yourself embroiled in a heated debate on X and wished you could address your opponent directly, face-to-face? Now, you can, for a subscription fee of $8 per month to X Premium, the platform’s paid service formerly known as Twitter Blue.

This exciting update, unveiled by X CEO Linda Yaccarino and platform owner Elon Musk, introduces a video call feature. The rollout began with users noticing the feature’s availability on Wednesday evening. Subscribers of X Premium can initiate video or audio calls with anyone on X, provided the user has exchanged direct messages with them at least once before. Interestingly, the person receiving the call need not be a Premium subscriber, enhancing the inclusivity of this feature.

To make a call, X Premium users can access their direct message inbox, select a conversation, tap the phone icon, and choose between audio or video calls. It’s crucial to have the latest version of the X app installed to enjoy this functionality. Presently, the feature is exclusive to iOS devices, but an Android release is in the pipeline, ensuring a broader user base.

Despite the excitement surrounding this feature, its impact on X’s struggling paid subscription service remains uncertain. Previous additions, such as monetization options, haven’t significantly boosted subscriber numbers. Nevertheless, this new feature adds a layer of interaction that could enhance user experience.

However, potential users should note that this feature is currently in beta, so occasional bugs and glitches are expected. As X continues to innovate, this video call feature opens up new possibilities for direct, real-time engagement on the platform. Whether it will be a game-changer for X’s subscription model or merely a novel addition, users can now engage in more immersive conversations, bridging the gap between online discussions and face-to-face communication.